Wednesday, August 26, 2009

update from David!

Hello everyone! We just had band practice and it was pretty cool. Except for everyone fucking around and being lazy. We will have new pics up from the last show at The Venue pretty soon. We have a show at Sweetwater Live in Duluth September 3rd and a show at Swayze's September 5th with a lot of good bands. Which we really need to get people out to!(hint, hint) Then we plan on finishing the rest of our CD from then to about the middle of October. Then we'll have to figure out how to release this sucker. We are going to try and start video taping our practices, and we're pretty much should be able to keep you all entertained =] I ordered an awesome Pignose battery powered amp the other day and our guitarist Ben already has one. So we've decided we're about to hit up the streets with these bad boys and to start playing some open mics. We'll let you know when so you can come watch us! We need to play a party. venues are cool, but we need a house party...someone throw one!

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